Technologist Entrepreneur

I’m a technologist who runs a couple of tech startups. I write about data science, technology, and the “What-Ifs” of the future. 

Art Enthusiast

Art has always been a big part of my life. My mother got her degree in fine and studio arts, so I grew up around art. Currently, I work on digital, acrylic, and oils.  

I speak on technology, futurism, and current events. If you would like me to speak at one of your events, contact me by clicking the link below. 

The Crown, The Queen, And The Future of Figureheads

What is royalty? What does it mean to be a person of power or a person of name? That’s been the discussion in the news for the past couple of days with the death of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

AI Powered NPCs are coming and they’re amazing.

I love video games! I have a stack of consoles at home and many of my best memories are from playing games. Currently, I’ve been spending most time playing Rainbow 6 Siege, Call of Duty, Simcity and of course Civilization. I’ve been gaming since the 1980s but the one area that hasn’t changed much is the game characters.