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I am a technologist who has run a couple of startups, been featured in Travel & Leisure as “the“ digital nomad and I like to work on interesting projects. What are you working on?

About Antonio Evans

I am a tech entrepreneur who has been coding since the 80s. I started on my old Commodore 64 and worked my way to developing cool web applications.
Antonio Evans

Antonio Evans


I was one of those lucky kids who grew up with a computer.  I was the classic nerd whose first language was Spanish, second English, and third Basic Programming.   My single mother was raising a family, working at Wall Street during the day, and taking computer science classes at night.   As she learned code she passed her knowledge onto me.   This was great for me because I was now able to write simple “Chose Your Own Adventure” type video games.  I was now a kid hacker.

As I grew older, my computer skills led me to the beginings of 1990s Internet.  I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) from my local PC which opened me up to the growing ecosystem that was the World Wide Web.  Back then, you’d dial up (I also had access to a T1!!) and met hackers, academics, and random people throughout the world.  I got to work on projects such as early MMOs.  On my BBS, we moved from a text-based MUSHs to graphical interfaces.  Imagine going from reading that you have a flaming sword with +5 fire damage to seeing it graphically as your character swung on a server hundreds of miles away.   Amazing and so much fun!

Antonio Evans


  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Art (yes I paint!)
  • Basketball
  • Chess


I attended New York University and studied Information Technologies.  My mother had graduated and started a Computer School in the Hudson Valley and I became her lead instructor.   I was teaching the A+ Certification, Microsoft MCSE, and other goodies.   Our students ranged from IBM executives to Nurses.

One of those IBM executives suggested I join IBM’s Global Services division.  I took the leap and I was an IBM and not even out of college.   

IBM was great and I got to work on various hardware projects such as whole life cycle of IBM Thinkpad line.   As a member of IBM’s Global Services division I got to deal with B2B clients such as US Department of Education, universities such as Vassar and the New York State Assembly.    I helped clients deploy our solutions and did some business development to grow our IBM footprint.

Antonio Evans

Startup Founders Speaker

CEU’s Master Program


Being at IBM and in hardware I missed out on the beginning end of the dot-com bubble but being in technology.  I saw it come and some of the classmates at NYU were victims of the fallout.   One such classmate suggested I join a hardware startup in Westchester called Melard Technologies.  I was enticed to join Melard even though I had loved IBM.  My thinking back then was I wanted to make the biggest impact in an organization and a Startup made sense.

In my years with Melard I was the lead sales engineer with clients such as Verizon, Brinks, cable companies and even the US Military.   I was the engineer that travelled 5-days a week seeing clients and coming up with solutions.  It was glorious.

I had a small apartment in Westchester but lived in hotels and motels most of the week.   My clients ranged from CTOs, project managers, local technicians and academics.  Melard had created a rugged laptop called the Sidearm which was running an early version of Windows CE.  It was precursor to the the iPad or Microsoft Surface but much more rugged.  They were being deployed in Iraq (Gulf War 2) and yours I worked on retrofitting the devices with it’s blazingly fast CDPD wireless connectivity.  It was “State of the Art” during Y2k.

Sadly, being a hardware startup is challenging.   The firm struggled with capital costs.  I decided in 2005 to start a small boutique consulting firm.  We specialized in software side of mobile hardware.  With my experience in hardware, wireless and mobile devices we were able to win contracts with various companies who had outside plant engineers.

Antonio Evans

Antonio Evans

Things I am involved with

FriendsEAT – Restaurant Review and Local Deal Site
Socialdraft  –  A Social Media Calendar for Teams


My consulting firm had a few employees and multiyear contracts but as I was always the technologist, I began a small restaurant review website called FriendsEAT.  First it was just for the local area of New York and Westchester but then it grew nationally.  The amount of energies I was spending on my consulting firm became less and FriendsEAT became my focus.   I was running the two projects but one day my partner asked me point blank what would grow faster.  I picked FriendsEAT and it was a great choice.

I built the restaurant review site with a hobbist eyes.  The Web was maturing and the old world of NY Times reviews and Zagat was ending.  The web brought so many new “voices” and opinions to local businesses.   We attempted to win marketshare by being specifically in the food niche by engaging with Food Bloggers, Chefs and a new classification of person, the Foodie.

Being that this was pre-adoption of the smartphone we literally would travel the US to meet restaurantaurs and food celebrities to get them on the platform.  It was also an excuse for us to travel.   We were able to carve out a niche in the digital marketplace. 

Antonio Evans


  • Project Management
  • Startups
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Social Media
  • Growth Hacking
  • Team Building


FriendsEAT was moving into its 4th year and I was dealing with all aspects of the business such as SEM/SEO, affiliates, email marketing and even Social media.  This is when my partner asked me to help her with a problem.  One of the wineries which she consulted for asked her if she could manage their social media.  They had heard Facebook and Twitter were important but they didn’t have anyone on staff to manage it. She had trouble using Google Spreadsheets, emails and even MS Excel sheets to manage the client’s marketing campaign.  I, the technologist, was having none of that.   So went about to build Socialdraft, the first Social Media Calendar.   I was “scratching” an itch and it worked.  Within a year we had stopped using 3rd party tools and my partner was selling the SaaS (software as a service) to all of our clients.

I looked at my partner and said, “Okay sure”.    This was the beginning of Socialdraft.      

While running two startup projects I was traveling in Europe, South America and Asia.  One of the great things of how I had formed my business is that our team was remote so everyone was in a different countries.  We have had team members doing 3-months in London, Tokoyo, New York, Lyon, Rome and even Colombia.  I had implemented Agile Methodologies in our development cycle so even though we were in different time zones we were able to meet deadlines.  Our product grew and so did my understanding and love of the world.

Antonio Evans

Antonio Evans

Technologies I’ve worked with

  • Cloud Computing (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure)
  • UX/UI
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
  • MS Excel / Google Sheets
  • APIs, JSON, all that jazz
  • Loads more..


til the PRESENT

In 2016, I decided to move for a bit to Portugal.   Why?  Loved the country, visited a bunch of times and every year I would visit, it got better.

Currently, I am living in Lisbon with my partner and our dog.   I am always looking for new opportunities and new adventures.

Antonio Evans


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