Compliance and Innovation: TikTok Shakes Up EU Regulations with Exciting Updates!

Compliance and Innovation: TikTok Shakes Up EU Regulations with Exciting Updates!

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Aug 6, 2023 09:40 PM
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Compliance and Innovation: TikTok Shakes Up EU Regulations with Exciting Updates!

Created: August 6, 2023 10:40 PM Tags: Tech News, TikTok, compliance, corporate, governance, tax

TikTok Shakes Things Up To Comply With EU's Digital Services Act

Hola, tech aficionados! Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for another exhilarating ride into the world of tech legislation and online privacy. Our focus today is on TikTok, the beloved app that has us all busting a move or two.🕺
The Chinese tech giant has been paving significant measures for European users to dance and groove around, ensuring compliance with EU regulations under the Digital Services Act(DSA). So what goodies have they packed in their compliance piñata this time? Let's check it out!

Turning Off Personalized Recommendations

First off, TikTok is making strides in transparency and user control by allowing European users the option to opt out of personalized recommendations. Gone are the days of being spoon-fed algorithms that dictate your digital consumption. You can now tell TikTok, "No, gracias, I will choose my own content!"
As we know, AI-powered recommender engines, like YouTube's "up next" video selector, have been linked to some less than stellar societal outcomes. Thus, TikTok users who opt out of these personalized selections will be served up a menu of popular content in their region and their preferred language. How's that for putting a local spin on a global app?

One Less Ad to Worry About

Next up, TikTok is removing targeted advertising for users aged 13-17. This move aligns with the DSA's ban on serving personalized ads to children. So, teens, you can breathe easy! Your online activities won't be turning into ad content every time you log onto TikTok. Who doesn't love an app that respects user privacy, huh?
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Squashing Illegal Content

Finally, taking a step further in ensuring a safer community, TikTok has made reporting illegal content easier. These reports will trigger an in-depth review against TikTok's Community Guidelines. If found to be a violation, the content will be promptly removed globally.
TikTok has committed to informing users about its content moderation decisions and users have the right to appeal if they believe their content removal was a mistake. There's a whole mechanics behind this we should dive into in another post.

Setting New Standards

Well, folks, it seems like TikTok is truly "tik-tokking" its way to earn gold stars for compliance and innovation within the EU's new regulatory framework. But will they reach the finish line by the DSA's August 28th deadline? And more importantly, will these changes set a precedent for other big tech to follow?
This kind of tech legislation challenges the status quo, forcing tech firms to rethink their traditional data usage and advertisement practices. So as the EU puts on the pressure, we get to sit back and watch how our favourite apps adapt and evolve.
Until then, stay curious, stay informed, and as always, ¡hasta la vista, amigos!