The Crown, The Queen, And The Future of Figureheads

What Is The Monarchy?

What is royalty? What does it mean to be a person of power or a person of name? That’s been the discussion in the news for the past couple of days with the death of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

I have internalised and have been thinking about what she meant, what the monarchy meant. Before this video, I made two others that looked upon her in a kind, loving remembrance of a grandma that passed away.

Then, Blanca spoke to me for a few seconds, and it soaked something. It is the problem I have always had with the monarchy.

And I am sorry, Queen Elizabeth, as nice as you may have been, you represented the caste system of the world.

I think we need to shun it, look down upon it.

A lot of people in the UK say she was a symbol of the country like the flag, like the bald eagle to the US. She was the one who helped the UK get through a lot of things.

She was also the representation of what you wanted to achieve, and the way the royalty wanted to kick down the black people that came from Jamaica, Barbados, and the islands where England put all the black slaves. When they came over in the 70’s you continued your racism. 

The royalty was the one that put the caste system in place in India. They yes, it’s fine. Make sure all the bread makers can only make bread. make sure all the people who are rich, that they and all their progeny stay rich for eternity.

That is what that world was. To revere someone like that instead of someone like Albert Einstein or even someone like Elon Musk, these creators who take humans and bring humanity forward is problematic.

There lies the problem with royalty. Royalty only has one generation that brought their  people forward. Then what happened is that their progeny inherited that. That’s the power of money. Money and power roll like a ball in time and it grows and grows and grows.

What Is Royalty Like?

Now, I have met royalty. I met a Tuscan princess while I was in Florence. I befriended her and she is lovely. When I was in college there was a beautiful Indian princess that lived on the floor below me. She was way above my league, but I was still super nice to her. 

They are human beings, but at the same time, they are representations of the caste system. So. I ask you. Do we need this? Because the caste system takes people who look like me, and I am a creator, and they would put me at a lower rung. 

We’ve seen this with Queen Elizabeth and the scandal with Meghan Markle. I don’t know if the issue was with Markle or with the queen herself, but the Queen shunned Markle who then moved to the US. If the queen did not want to have a black great great grandson, that’s ridiculous. 


What is one drop of black blood. People say Obama was the first black US president. But Obama was half white half black. I don’t know what it means black president. This is the same as saying that he was the first president with big ears. These are physical identifiers.

I look down upon the monarchy, but I don’t look down on Queen Elizabeth. The UK needed a strong symbol, she was that, but she was a symbol of the cast system, of racism. 

A child born into poverty in Africa and the wealthy person who goes skiing in Aspen are equal and should be able to have the best things in the world. They should both be able to aspire to do things like Elon Musk. They should aspire to be able to create the things they imagine with their Lego sets. It should not matter that you were born into a certain station. That should mean nothing. That’s where your parents were. You are an individual. You are strong. You are man, woman, you are they. I love you and I want you to know that become your best self. 

I am sorry that Queen Elizabeth passed, but the caste system has to go. 

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