How to get a YCombinator Interview

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…at the end of the day we didn’t get in because a combination of things. Paul Buchheit was a tough interviewer which we needed better answers. Also we didn’t get enough time with Jessica Livingston (I read her book 6 years ago and it changed my life).

Socialdraft hit 3x milestones (3x revenue as per our targets of 1k paying signups) since our YC interview and not sure getting rejected was a blessing or an opportunity.

Some notes that were weird to me. The interview class was about 50+ people for the day we went. Blanca and I were maybe the only 6 people not “Caucasian Americans”. Blanca was maybe one of 3 not male(total sausagefest). Age wise it was 20ish so we were 15 years older.

Also from conversation lots of kids were in a frat. I know I’ll get hate for but it’s true. I talked to at least 3 kids who “heard” about YC via their fraternity. To me it was a big number. This is definitely not cause of our rejection (because it was our own fuckup not conveying our business properly) but interesting to see.

The summer class of YC today just did demo day and I wish them luck.

PS. Blanca wore same outfit in video to the interview. Do not do this. They harped on it

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