How does a Blog work?


A friend of mine wrote:

Hi Antonio. I’m curious. How does a blog work? Do you earn money with it? How? Who pays?



Great question Barbara.   A blog works as a platform for an idea/message/random things. It comes from the idea of a diary but it’s public.   Why would a person publically write a their inner thoughts?

  1. It lets you be accountable for thoughts.
  2. It motivates you to creatively.
  3. It can be a business and/or branding purposes.

How would I blog?

I’d use or   Easy to setup.  Lots of plugins/templates (add-on things like the look and features).  Just create an account on one of these sites and write a piece.

What should I start with?

I like to write mission statement when I start a blog.  It  should be on your about us or sidebar.  It changes as I grow in my voice and scope.

How do I make money with a blog?

If you can get an audience you can get advertisers or sell products directly to your  readers.    Some people instead of selling products are what they call affiliates.   They promote other people products.   To get advertisers you can reach out to businesses in you niche (travel, medical, art, whatever) or you can go to the many ad networks such as google adsense, chitika, amazon, etc.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it helps me remind me of my story and allows my colleagues to have a singular place outside of FriendsEAT, Linkedin, Facebook, G+ to know who I am.  It also allows me to have a platform to express my view of this world.


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