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So I have moved away from the personal use of I was using it as an aggregator for various blogs I track (techcrunch, hackernews, mashables, nytimes). It was a great tool to see what “buzz” was going around in the industry but I think a better use of this blog is to push out my view on what is going on in the various industries I care about. That being food, startups, and tech in general.

Questions I am trying to answer for myself:

How to move a lifestyles business into a Tech Powerhouse?
How big is our bubble and how does it relate to me?
Why we aren’t in a bubble? (conflicts with last one)
How some wanterpenuers should just get jobs or become angels. (I am talking to you)
Small Businesses and the web are a match made in heaven.

These are a few posts I am thinking about. Love your feedback.

Founder of Socialdraft @FriendsEat, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Avid @Hackernews Contributor, Interested in Technology News, and a NYC Tour Guide in Disguise. You can find me on twitter @antonioevans

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